Quality policy

Recognizing the principle that the quality of manufactured products and services is a decisive factor for sustainable success and achieving optimal profits, we strive only for such activities that meet the requirements of legal regulations and customer expectations. We assume that without proper quality it is impossible to gain the respect and recognition of the client.

The strategic goal of Schrag Polska is to strive for a continuous increase of the customer satisfaction with the services provided and the quality of the products offered.

Bearing in mind that the continuous increase of the customer satisfaction with the quality of the products and services offered is a condition for lasting success, Schrag Polska is involved in the implementation of this strategy by pursuing the following goals:

  • Guaranteeing high quality of manufactured products,
  • Innovativeness and continuous improvement of manufactured products and implemented processes,
  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction,
  • Raising the qualifications and skills of our personnel.

The achievement of the set goals is possible through:

  • Accurate exploration of customer requirements and building mutual trust in contacts with them through close cooperation in the area of manufactured products,
  • Individual construction design in order to provide the best, most economical solution tailored to the customer’s needs,
  • Careful selection of suppliers and subcontractors who meet our the requirements of our company for the delivery of high-quality materials and services,
  • Cost reductions and continuous improvement of our work by implementing improvements and optimization processes,
  • Continuous training of our personnel and the creation of motivating methods, thanks to which it is possible to build a conscious and committed team with high qualifications,
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Factory Production Control System in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN 1090 standard.

The management of Schrag Polska provides the means and takes actions to ensure that this Quality Policy is known, understood and implemented by all employees and made available to all interested parties.