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Cold-formed profiles and sections are excellent construction elements. Undoubtedly, the relatively low weight, as well as the possibility of drilling any holes during production, make them easy to install. Certainly, the relatively low price is another advantage in favour of using this type of elements. The subject of the greatest care of our company is the quality of our products and services. Undoubtedly, the Schrag brand is primarily a synonym of high quality and great technological capabilities in the production of cold-formed sections. All stages related to the production of products and the provision of services, from the technical staff, through technical equipment and the materials used, are focused on achieving the best quality results. We try to act effectively, achieving the highest quality at optimal production cost. We offer our customers a modern product, exactly what they need and probably the best on the market.

Rama kontenera wykonana z kształtowników zimnogiętych. Widoczne słupy, belki górne i dolne.EROWE RAMA KONTENERA


Steel container profiles are made of raw (black) and galvanized sheets, using cold bending technology. They are used to manufacture steel container frames. Container profiles are most often made of hot-formed (the so-called black) S235 or S355 sheet due to its welding properties, which are important at the later stages of container manufacture. The cross-section of the profiles most often has C, U or L shape with sheet wall thickness ranging from 0.75 to 4.00 mm. They can be produced in lengths of up to 12.5 m with special drilling, bevelling, undercuts and technological cut-outs. The technologies we use enable the production of even single elements with very individual cross-sectional shapes adapted to even rigorous design requirements.

Sheet metal parameters

MaterialS235 / S355 / DX51D / S350GD / S390GD
Maximum length [mm]12500
Thickness [mm]0,75 / 1,0 / 1,25 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5 / 3,0 / 4,0
Geometryaccording to customer's documentation

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Profile kontenerowe górna rynna. Schrag Polska.

Upper perimeter gutter

One of the cold-formed container profiles is the upper circumferential gutter. Its complex cross-sectional shape makes it both a load-bearing element of the container frame and, additionally, a circumferential gutter that collects and drains water from the roof.


Another cold-formed container profile are uprights. Gutters are made of thicker sheet metal than the upper beams because they have to transfer higher loads, mainly compression related. At the ends there are special oval holes with a rolled edge to facilitate the transport of the container.

Profile kontenerowe słup narożny. Schrag Polska.
Profile kontenerowe dolna belka. Schrag Polska

Lower perimeter beam

Another cold-formed container profile is the lower perimeter beam. In cross-section, it is usually C-shaped. Undercuts or holes made in it depend on the container floor structure.

Transport holes

The functionality of the container is also influenced by the possibility of easy and quick transport. Special oval holes with a rolled edge made directly at the ends of the uprights are helpful. Rolled edges makes the sheet in these places additionally reinforced and there is no need to install additional transport lugs.

Profile kontenerowe, słup narożny Schrag Polska.

Container profile calculator

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1Wymiary kontenera
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  • wysokość kontenera jest wysokością słupa
  • elementy są produkowane zgodnie z EN 1090
  • zapytanie dotyczy wyłącznie wykonania profili kontenerowych
Grubość blachy: 4,0 mmGatunek stali: S235JR
3Belka górna - wybierz wariant
Grubość blachy: 3,0 mmGatunek stali: S235JR
4Tropik (tylko do belki górnej wariant 2)
Grubość blachy: 1,0 mmGatunek stali: S350GD
5Belka dolna
Grubość blachy: 3,0 mmGatunek stali: S235JR
6Belka podłogi - wybierz wariant
Grubość blachy: 3,0 mmGatunek stali: S235JR
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Świetliki pasma świetlne. Schrag Polska.
Profil C z podcięciami Schrag Polska.

Additional services

Within the confines of our production activities, in addition to bending sections, we also provide additional services. To meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer making assembly or technological holes, as well as undercuts and bevels. In addition, at the customer’s request, we organize painting of elements and their transport.

Otworowany profil C stojący na kształtowniku zimnogiętym.
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