Types of bases

Simple roof ridge base

Pasma świetlne dachowe. Schrag Polska.

Inclined base

Pasma świetlne dachowe. Schrag Polska.

Oblique roof ridge base

Pasma świetlne dachowe. Schrag Polska.

Industrial construction is a large area for the use of solutions that can directly or indirectly reduce energy consumption. One of such solutions is the use of skylights to illuminate the interior of the halls. Roof skylights are an excellent source of natural daylight, additionally diffused by semi-transparent panels. Sufficient illumination of the interior of industrial buildings through roof skylights is not only a topic carefully analyzed when designing new facilities, but also more and more often it is the main argument for starting the modernization of existing buildings.

One of the most important elements of the skylights is the construction of its base. Unfortunately, it is often neglected, which leads to later construction problems, leaks or the fact that the applied solution proves to be uneconomical. This is mainly due to the low awareness of the correctness of the structural solution and the ignorance of the significant role of cold-formed sections in this area.

Selection of bases


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Świetliki pasma świetlne. Schrag Polska.
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Additional services

Within the confines of our production activities, in addition to bending sections, we also provide additional services. To meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer making assembly or technological holes, as well as undercuts and bevels. In addition, at the customer’s request, we organize painting of elements and their transport.

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Schrag Polska offers its customers self-supporting continuous skylight bases. There is no doubt that thanks to the commitment and many years of experience of our engineers, we have developed solutions that are primarily structurally correct, but most importantly, they are economical. Undoubtedly, SCHRAG skylight bases are also a fully aesthetic solution because all elements are made of galvanized sheets, which can additionally be covered with a paint coat.

Undoubtedly, every skylight is different. Certainly, many factors influence the final cross-sections of the elements. That is why we leave at the disposal of our customers our experienced design team, which, based on static and strength calculations, will prepare the most optimum and well-thought-out design of a self-supporting base for a continuous skylight.

The self-supporting bases for continuous skylights produced by us are CE certified according to the European Standard EN 1090. Certified in-house production control guarantees the highest quality of manufactured elements. You can trust SCHRAG quality. We are positive that we will meet your expectations.

Selection of bases

MaterialDX51D, S350GD, S390GD
Coated sheet materialcolour acc. RAL
Maximum length [mm]8000
Sheet thickness [mm]1,25/ 1,5/ 2,0/ 2,5/ 3,0/ 4,0
Geometryaccording to customer's documentation


Our bases are manufactured with the greatest care


The technologies and machinery we use allow us to carry out large and demanding orders


Our customers can count on support and advice at the design and implementation stage

Our continuous skylight solutions

Complete base

Bases for continuous skylights

Continuous skylight transverse bracing

Bases for continuous skylights 2
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