Types of façades

We devote all our passion to making custom-made metal façades. We specialize in the design and production of façades for new or renovated buildings. From the first idea to implementation, we are the partners of architects, engineers, contractors, construction companies and investors.

We start each project with a detailed consultation with the client. First of all, we listen and then pass on our ideas regarding the material, shape and colour of the façade. We value our clients’ time. You describe your ideas to us and we will help you with our team, which draws on many years of experience and numerous projects involving façade systems. We use this know-how in every project – no matter how individual it is. We create individual projects in close cooperation with our clients.

All depends on the quality of the material. And above all, on the selection of material suitable for the intended application. We support you in selecting the right material for the façade: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel. As a manufacturer of high-quality façades, we know the exact properties of different metals and know how to process the material. And because the material alone is not everything, we also offer surface finishes in various colours and using various systems.

Front view of the façade coffer

Rear view of the façade coffer


Grafitowa elewacja. Narożne kasety elewacyjne Schrag Polska.
Czerwone narożne kasety elewacyjne Schrag Polska.
Grafitowa elewacja. Narożne kasety elewacyjne Schrag Polska.
Szare kasety elewacyjne Schrag.


In order to perfectly match thin-walled steel elements to the façade of a building – e.g. made of aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel, connection elements are needed that meet the high demands regarding surface flatness and rigidity.

Thanks to Schrag, architects, investors and contractors have the opportunity to create façades with exceptional accuracy and surface rigidity, also in case of large-format elements. Certainly, thanks to the flexibility and originality in assembly, we offer various types of fastenings to choose from. Visible rivets or screws or concealed fixings are possible.

Schrag offers many solutions and combinations of specific types of raw materials. Undoubtedly, apart from the decorative requirement of the façade, we also take into account the fire protection functions as well as the variety of shapes. All this is achieved through the appropriate selection of material due to its special features and the variety of colour palette.

Panel façades

Undoubtedly, Schrag panel façades impress with the originality and precise fit. They consist of longitudinal, bent elements that can be suited to individual buildings and manufactured in various widths, according to the customer’s wishes. In the case of Schrag panel façades, there are no restrictions, such as for buildings with a rounded shape. Certainly, this is a great advantage, especially in the modernization of existing buildings of exceptional importance. The panels can be suited to the building, thus giving it an original look.

Particularly in the area of doors and windows, there are optimum possibilities to adapt the panel façade to their surface. First of all, we offer an unlimited choice of the sizes and shapes of the gaps between the panels, which can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in any other direction, according to the customer’s wishes.

The panels obtain additional surface stiffness thanks to bending from the front side of the façade, so that transparent ends are formed in the area of the joints. We offer not only a system of invisible fasteners, it is also possible to construct panels with visible fasteners, all in accordance with the wishes of our customers. 

Szare panele elewacyjne Schrag Polska.
Szare kasety elewacyjne Schrag Polska.

Flat sheet façades

Flat sheet façades are certainly characterized by clear lines and precision of workmanship. Undoubtedly, also in the case of this type of façade, we focus on individuality and high quality of the product in the first place. These façades can have various forms and sizes according to the customer’s wishes. Thanks to this, it is possible to optimally adjust the façade, especially in the area of doors and windows, without disturbing the visual experience. As a rule, they are reinforced with additional flat sheet elements, which is hung on pins placed in the vertical substructure of the profiles.

Such façades provide the visual impression of high-quality, smooth surfaces with distinct finishes – without visible fastenings.

Façades made of elements

Façades made of elements from Schrag captivate with their individuality and high-quality workmanship. As a rule, they consist of a flat sheet metal in the form of coffers bent at the sides, which can be produced according to the customer’s wishes in a system of small or large formats.

As standard, the upper edge is bent in the form of the letter Z, while the base is slightly inclined to ensure controlled drainage of rainwater. The lower edge is bent in a U shape and is located above the edge of the element placed under it. At the same time, it reaches the side edge of the vertical profile and has a reinforcing function. Depending on the load capacity of the element, one or more additional stiffening profiles can be attached.

The façade elements are hung on fixtures placed on vertical rails. Thanks to the precise execution of individual parts, these elements can be quickly and easily assembled according to the indicated direction of the structure.

Schrag – façade solutions well thought out from the start to the end.

Szare panele elewacyjne Schrag Polska.


The façade elements from SCHRAG captivate with their individuality and high-quality workmanship


We use the highest quality materials from reputable manufacturers


They can be produced according to the customer's wishes

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