Durable structures for undeveloped areas and photovoltaic installations

The constantly growing climate awareness of society and responsibility for our planet makes an increasing number of people and institutions want to be eco, which is expressed, among others, by investing in renewable energy systems. Undoubtedly, one of the sources of clean energy is solar energy, which is converted into electricity by a photovoltaic installation. Currently, photovoltaic farms are multi-hectare systems. Certainly, such a dynamically developing energy sector needs durable and reliable solutions for the supporting structures of photovoltaic panels.

The elements of the structures are made of up to 16,400 mm long cold-formed sections. They are characterized primarily by quick and easy assembly thanks to very good prefabrication.

Konstrukcje fotowoltaiczne Schrag Polska.
Panele fotowoltaiczne. Schrag Polska konstrukcje fotowoltaiczne.

Undoubtedly, structures made of cold-formed sections are a perfect solution for this type of investment. Certainly, the relatively low weight and comprehensive processing of profiles during production makes the assembly of elements quick and simple. In the solutions applied, the structure is embedded in the ground by driving part of the pole into the load-bearing subsoil, which additionally speeds up the assembly, completely eliminating the need to have any technological breaks, which occur in the case of placement on concrete foundations. Choosing such a solution undoubtedly requires the use of special protection against corrosion. The sections used for the supporting structures of photovoltaic panels are made of zinc coated steel.

Cold-formed sections are certainly also competitive elements in the case of making substructures on flat roofs. Installing photovoltaic systems on rooftops is a particular challenge. In most cases, such investments are carried out on existing roofs, which necessitates the use of a lightweight substructure for fixing the panels.

Our products have CE certificates in accordance with the European standard EN 1090. High standards of workmanship and internal production control guarantee the high quality expected by our customers.


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Świetliki pasma świetlne. Schrag Polska.
Profil C z podcięciami Schrag Polska.

Additional services

Within the confines of our production activities, in addition to bending sections, we also provide additional services. To meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer making assembly or technological holes, as well as undercuts and bevels. In addition, at the customer’s request, we organize painting of elements and their transport.

Otworowany profil C stojący na kształtowniku zimnogiętym.

An example of a structure for photovoltaic panels made of cold-formed sections.

Profil C. Schrag Polska - kształtowniki zimnogięte.


made as C-profiles

Profil Z Schrag Polska.


made as Z-profiles

Profil C. Schrag Polska - kształtowniki zimnogięte.


driven into the ground, made as C-profiles

Konstrukcja fotowoltaiczna Schrag Polska profile Z, profile C.
Panele fotowoltaiczne. Schrag Polska konstrukcje fotowoltaiczne.
Panele fotowoltaiczne. Schrag Polska konstrukcje fotowoltaiczne.
Panele fotowoltaiczne. Schrag Polska konstrukcje fotowoltaiczne.

Sheet metal parameters

MaterialS235 / S355 / DX51D / S350GD / S390GD/S320GD+ZM310 Magnelis®/S320GD+ZM430 Magnelis®
Maximum length [mm]16400
Thickness [mm]0,75 / 1,0 / 1,25 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5 / 3,0 / 4,0
Geometryaccording to customer's documentation
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