Design services

Based on the knowledge and experience of our designers, we can offer future and current customers comprehensive design of roof purlins, wall transoms and bases for continuous skylights. Each design is different and deserves an individual approach. Therefore, we are open to the ideas of customers and the requirements they place concerning the elements being designed. We value safety above all, which we ensure by verifying each component element of the structure. During the implementation of each design, we also focus on accuracy, so that our elements can be easily installed after reaching the construction site.

Structural design

We prepare all our designs according to current Eurocodes, both in relation to determining loads and their calculation combinations, through the conditions for supporting elements, and ending with the dimensioning of elements according to limit states. Static calculations and dimensioning of the designed elements are carried out with the support of advanced proprietary computer software. During the design process, we stay in constant touch with the client in order to agree on specific details of the design on an ongoing basis and to prevent manufacturing errors.

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Drawing documentation

In addition to design services, we also offer our customers the preparation of workshop drawings of cold-formed elements, both designed by our office, but also based on specifications provided by the customer. In addition, we prepare assembly drawings with a list of elements for each design. The assembly drawing and markings printed on each profile significantly facilitates the location of the place of installation of individual elements. This is especially important in the case of large and complex projects.

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Advice and support

The most important aspect of any cooperation with the client is mutual understanding of the project. Our experienced design team will help you through the entire design process from concept to production order. Having in mind the customer satisfaction, we try to make the design to meet the customer’s expectations, while ensuring that the structure is designed effectively and in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. If you have a question, please contact us!

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