Schrag oddział w Lipsku. Produkcja profili Z, profili C, obróbek blacharskich, elewacji, kształtowników zimnogiętych.

SCHRAG Metall am Dach since 1990 in Leipzig

SCHRAG Metall am Dach, specializes within the SCHRAG group in wholesale and production for individual customers. It also offers a comprehensive service in the field of construction flashing, roofing, modernization of buildings and steel construction.


Custom solutions

  • Services: cuting, bending up to 8,000 mm, profiling, punching, stamping, rounding, cutting out, soldering, riveting, gluing, welding, Wulsten 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 dm up to 4,000 mm, folding, production of small circles (inner section 400 mm) – length according to the Customer’s order
  • Rentals of machinery: Mini-Prof profiling machines, Falzomat Piccolo, Winterset for Piccolo, shrinking and stretching machines
  • Training: we offer individually tailored training levels in both theory and practice. At the customer’s request in a closed form or in the training centres of our suppliers.
  • Service: preparation of the offer, support in dimensioning at the construction site, timely execution, expert advice by experienced staff.
  • Logistics: Transport is carried out by selected forwarding companies and qualified personnel. The scope of our services also includes the optimal packaging of our products.

The largest selection and high availability

A broad assortment as well as a well-stocked warehouse with over 3,000 different articles from renown manufacturers guarantee short delivery times. The price/service ratio is always reasonable.

  • Roof drainage: roof gutters, half-round and in the form of a basket, round and square downpipes, complete accessories for standard pipes and for covering fireplaces on the roof
  • Semi-finished products: panels, strips, round perforated sheets, perforated sheets, rolled lead
  • Building profiles – Standard: eaves sheet, eaves strips, roof ridge sheet, wind brace, supporting battens, etc.
  • Roof and façade systems: batten roofing, pressed panels, QUICK STEP®, shingles, RHEINZINK® -Profilsysteme, SP-Line profile systems, etc.
  • Solar panels: RHEINZINK®-SOLARSYSTEME, Prefa solar systems
  • Roof elements: metal roof windows, roof hooks, roof steps, snow retaining nets, snow retaining supports, walkways, etc.
  • LORO drainage systems: standpipes and rainwater pipes, steel drainage pipes, connecting pipes, flat roof drain, balcony drain
  • Folding technique – accessories: Fixed fasteners for fixing sheet strips in roofing, sliding fasteners to ensure compensation of thermal sheet expansion, corner profiles, a complete system of snow barriers and supports, a set of load-bearing panels, a set of spot welded load-bearing boards with handles, “Bjarnes” system, eave covers, ventilation covers, folded sealing strips, separation mats for metal roofs, etc.
  • Ornaments: roof spiers, roof flags used to determine the direction of the wind, compressing and pulling elements, roof finials, individual designs and execution, production according to the original or a drawing
  • Fixings and accessories: nails, sheet metal screws, bolt nuts, rivets, pins, plaster hooks, hard solders, fluxes, Salmiak soldering stone, ROTOL®New Formula A2, joint sealant, SikaBond®-T1, Enkolit®, systems protection against pigeons, gutter heating tapes, etc.
  • Machines and tools: professional machines and specialist tools for roofers from A to Z

Proven façade systems for modern construction and renovation:

  • Façades made of components – SCHRAG|corpo
  • Panel façades – SCHRAG|pannello
  • Flat sheet façades – SCHRAG|livello
  • Façades made of composite panels – SCHRAG|preciso
  • Substructures

Detailed solutions:

  • Visible or invisible fixings
  • Window sills, coverings for attics and roof edges
  • Passageways and link bridges
  • Individual shapes and welded structures

Protective outer coats:

  • Powder coating
  • Spray painting
  • Anodizing
  • Special coats such as Duraflon®

Our production capabilities:

  • Cutting
  • Bending, shearing, cutting, punching, drilling, embossing
  • Milling of composite panels
  • Bending
  • Welding, gluing, riveting, screwing, grinding

To meet the individual needs of our customers, we offer the following raw materials to choose from:

  • Aluminium
  • Composite panels
  • Steel sheet metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Zinc

SCHRAG Bauklempnerei- u. Bedachungsartikel GmbH