A company must serve people

Customers from all over Europe trust SCHRAG. This trust is based on the daily work of over 450 employees in 13 plants. We make every effort in terms of quality and reliability to make our company a leader in its sector. Straight-out customer orientation is an important element of the many years of history of the SCHRAG Group. It is also the basis for the development of new products, services and know-how of our personnel.

Our company is a solid and reliable partner.

Thomas Goswin Schrag Polska.
Alpinista stojący na szczycie góry. Filozofia firmy Schrag Polska - kształtowniki zimnogięte.

SCHRAG is independent

Independence ensures lasting success.

We have over 120 years of experience in the field of steel processing. Since the beginning of our company’s existence, we have set ourselves the goal of maintaining our independence. It gives us freedom of action.

SCHRAG works persistently and consistently

Perseverance and consistency are the main pillars of our services.

We take our path and our goals seriously. Our success is based on the continuous effort of our entire team to provide consistently high quality to our customers.

Trzy osoby w biurze oglądają laptopa. Schrag Polska - kształtowniki zimnogięte.
Alpinista z linami. Filozofia Schrag.

SCHRAG is reliable

We are the personification of reliability.

You can rely on our products and our company. We are distinguished by the fact that we always meet our obligations to our business partners, employees and customers. We keep our promises.

SCHRAG is ambitious and versatile

Ambitions and versatility make us modern.

We are very curious about our next tasks and we are always open to new things. We confirm this every day and we are prepared for what the future is going to bring. Constant striving to achieve the best results makes us one of the best.

Widok na jezioro w górach, konstrukcja z kształtowników zimnogiętych - Schrag Polska.